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About Us

        Established in 2014, Jiujun precision is located in Dongguan, the intelligent manufacturing center of national Dawan district. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise. The company abides by the contract and keeps its promise. It has successfully passed the credit rating examination and approval of the credit rating and certification center of the international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, and won the certificate of "credit certification enterprise". At the same time, it is also the column partner of CCTV's "rising China".
        Since the company was born, we have been specialized in R & D, production and sales of intelligent, CNC and automatic multifunctional equipment. The equipment is widely used in deep processing of metal wire and strip material such as bending, welding, cutting, straightening and other metal wire rod and strip. The main products are automatic multi-function bending butt welding machine, chasing shear straightening machine, bending machine, welding machine, cutting machine, straightening machine, CNC bending welding machine, automatic cutting machine, 2D intelligent bending welding machine, CNC flying shear straightening machine.           
           Jiujun precision regards quality as life. In order to ensure quality, every piece is processed by the company's own CNC machine tools. The company has 10 CNC milling machines, 5 precision machine tools and 6 precision surface grinding machines, forming an annual production capacity of 1500 machines.
            Jiujun precision always adheres to the road of independent R & D and innovation, and has won a number of national patent technology inventions. In the continuous accumulation of experience and technology precipitation process, the formation of products beyond peer technology and quality. The company has passed ISO & nbsp; 9001 quality system certification.
            The company has built o2o marketing system and after-sales service system. Can respond to customer requirements and service each customer quickly. Welcome all customers to call for negotiation. Contact number: 15820815831 (manager Lin)